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Mobile Fingerprinting Services

mobile fingerprinting

What is Mobile Fingerprinting?

Mobile fingerprinting is a service that involves our mobile notary coming to your location to take fingerprints. It saves all of the hassle and headache of going to the police station. In fact, many police stations are now refusing to take civilian fingerprints, thus necessitating a private fingerprint service instead.

Here’s How Florida Mobile Notary Can Help.

Our mobile fingerprinting division provides solutions for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. For your utmost convenience, our mobile notary travels to your location and comes equipped with everything needed to take your fingerprints. We can meet you anywhere, at any time.

Our group rates allow for whole-office fingerprinting to be done quickly and conveniently. Your employees or group can take a ten-minute break to get fingerprinted, instead of having to take an hour or more to travel off-site to get fingerprinted.

Why do I or my business associates need to be fingerprinted?

While people may associate fingerprint collection with police bookings, there are many reasons to take fingerprints. For example, fingerprints are needed in order to perform background checks for government employees, individuals who work with children, those seeking various licenses and many others.

Our mobile fingerprinting notary will happily accommodate individuals, small, and large groups in the comfort of their home, office, or any other convenient location.

Why we’re different.

No job is too big, small, simple, or complex. There is also no minimum or maximum order. Whether you need 1 card or 100 cards printed, our team of trusted professionals will get your work done. We guarantee both our work and your satisfaction. We will reprint any rejected cards free of charge.

Our Mobile Fingerprinting service is top notch and the quality of service we provide can’t be beaten. Not all Mobile Fingerprinting providers are the same so don’t be fooled by our competitors. None of them offer the same level of service, knowledge, experience, professionalism, resources, care, or courtesy as us. If you’re ready to book your mobile fingerprinting appointment?

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